Thursday, 25 December 2014

MCM Competitive Classes is best coaching for Spoken English, Bank PO/Clerk, SSC, railway preparation. We have best faculty of English language in Delhi. Our programs are created to stimulate Spoken English at each stage of language development from BASIC to INTERMEDIATE to ADVANCED. Each stage of your English learning is coupled with English Club speaking exercises for confidence building so that you ‘speak-up’, ‘speak-on’, ‘speak-out’ and are finally equipped to ‘speak-about’ anything that you can think of. Some of our popular programs include:

We have a course for BASIC level  meant for Learners who may make lot of errors and have very little confidence while faced with English Conversation (Program Focus: Listen, Understand and Speak in English).

These following terms in spoken English is covered here.
·         People preparing for an interview for placement in an MNC or Public Sector/Banks.
·         Individuals who want to improve English for better personality or going abroad.
·         Working professionals who want to grow in the present role.
·         Freshers who want to get a job to start their career in call center or BPOs.
·         Ladies/Home-makers who want re-start their professional life or take-up a teaching job.
·         Managers/Senior professionals who want to have better communication with teams.

MCM Competitive Classes considers that Speaking English Language also happens in stages. At the very BASIC level, you learn to identify objects (for example: "things in home or office"), then you identify things and begin to describe them ("I have much confidence", “There are many trees” etc.). Gradually, you start framing and asking questions to understand objects, get information, facts and views (like “What is the use of it?”, “How much does it cost”, ‘What’s your view’, ‘Where did you go last week’ etc.). At the same time, you also learn to answer simple questions about yourself more confidently (I think/like/have…, I can/hope/will…, In my view…, How to make a cup of tea… etc.). Finally, you are able Speak to express your feelings both physical and emotional. This is achieved in around 6-8 weeks -depending on your learning speed and the amount of practice you do.

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