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Yes! You are afraid. You are afraid to speak English fluently. You are afraid to make mistakes in English. You are afraid to succeed. If you continue to be afraid and keep telling yourself, ‘I can’t speak English.’ You NEVER will. Join Best Spoken English Academy in Delhi, MCM English Academy and learn what fear is, how to identify it and try to overcome it. MCM is best English coaching classes in Delhi

What is fear?

An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.
Fear can be a small negative voice in your head that keeps telling you
• “No one understands you”
• “Stop wasting your time. You will never learn to speak English.”
• “Give up!”
• “Why are you even trying to speak English?”
If you let fear run any part of your life or your English studies you are likely to fail. If you let your fear determine what you do, what you think, you will continue to experience failures or only small successes in your language acquisition process.

How can you overcome fear?

When you are speaking English and you start to feel afraid or nervous, ask yourself… Why am I afraid?
Identify why you are nervous, anxious or afraid.
• Do you think others will laugh at you or make fun of you?
• Did you forget how to say something in English?
• Do you not understand what someone said?
• Are you afraid to talk to native English speakers?
• Do you feel stupid when you speak in English?
• Do you feel like you don’t have enough words to say? Or the right words to say?
• Do you not have enough things to say to keep a conversation going in English?

Only once, you identify what is causing your fear or negative thoughts; can you start to solve your problem.

 Three steps to overcoming your fears of learning/speaking English:

1. Identify your fear
2. Think of the worst thing that could happen if you do the thing that you are afraid of
3. be positive and take action. Say ‘No!’ to fear.
STOP being afraid to speak English. RIGHT NOW!
We provide Online English Classes for the students, who can’t attain the classroom.
We are best Online and Offline Spoken English Trainer in Delhi.
MCM English Academy
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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Learn English Online Class, English Coaching Delhi Speak fluent English in just 20 minutes each day

Focus on positive choices that move you closer to your dream. Learn to speak best #English.Make a conscious and deliberate effort to do at least one thing every day that represents the highest and the best in you. Even not only English, Keep in mind, this is going to be your greatest year ever!
Do not allow yourself or anyone else to sabotage you. Stay on track. Join #MCMEnglishAcademy, Refuse to lower your guard or to be pulled off course. Keep the main thing the main thing. Honor yourself by keeping your word to yourself. Everything matters. It is your time to achieve your dream. You have the POWER! You have GREATNESS within you!.#SpokenEnglish, #OnlineEnglish
The right teacher can help you be fluent in English in no time. #MCMEnglishAcademy makes it easy to find inspiring English tutors for face-to-face or online teaching

The Fastest method to learn English

§  Live practice with your personal trainer on mobile
§  On the spot speaking and error correction
§  Quickest fluency building and hesitation removal
§  Much more effective than English speaking classes, CDs, audios and books

Learn English fast through live practice on phone and Internet

Our English speaking course on phone is a highly effective program and produces outstanding results. Some highlights:
  • 95% Student Satisfaction Rate
  • 91% Session Attendance Rate
  • 86% Monthly Renewal Rate

Learn English over phone to change your life

Spoken English fluency gives you the confidence to face the world and shine brightly. Fulfill your dreams the smart way:
  • Get better jobs and faster promotions
  • Win respect and influence people
  • Get a new life in just 3 months

Learn EnglishOnline Speak fluent English in just 20 minutes each day

  • Live practice with your personal trainer on mobile
Personalized speaking practice and on the spot error correction
Contact Detail:
MCM English Academy
H11, 2nd Floor, South Extension-1
New Delhi – 110049
+91 9999 380958

Monday, 6 April 2015

MCM English Academy is intending to provide quality spoken English and Public Speaking coaching online and offline both.   A student gets individual attention of a teacher. It helps to improve English and Public speaking faster. Our method of English and Public Speaking coaching is flexible. We know we have to teach students. Under this institute method a teacher uses new spoken English teaching techniques for particular students if and when a need arises.
Our best English speaking institute’s teaching methods are simple. Unique and interesting ways are used to teach sentence-making as well as spoken English. #MCMEnglishAcademy uses its own study-material prepared by learned and experienced teachers. Same thing is for online students. We use our own online education software, where we upload all study materials of students. Tests
 of grammar, vocabulary and spoken English are taken every week. Trophy-winning competitions and group tests are also held time to time.
Its main rule of #MCMEnglishAcademy that strict discipline is maintained in classes of spoken English and premises to provide good atmosphere for quick learning. Special classes are arranged for weak students to remove their doubts.  Mock interviews are held to improve interview skills of students.
Our English speaking center in Delhi always gives best to provide top spoken English classes and courses.
At #MCMEnglishAcademy, we use creative and different methods to boost confidence of the students in communication skills. They participate in conversations, debates, role-plays, practical, impromptu English speaking sessions, unique training programs etc. Assignments are also given to help them enhance their learning power at home. Our training centers are famous for best spoken English classes.

People of modern world always look for good opportunities to enhance their knowledge of English, public speaking and personality development. Mission of this institute is to fulfill their desire. You are most welcome in MCM English Academy.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

We at the MCM English Classes are committed to impart quality education of English Language, both in terms of spoken as well as written English with strong emphasis on spoken English. The course has been specially designed to teach 'Everyday English'.The training programs at MCM English Classes have been designed with much care by way of meticulous planning and extensive study. Our courses judiciously combine Theoretical knowledge with Practical Activities. Needless to say, at the end of the program, our students are equipped with the requisite skills to excel in the competitive world.

With MCM English Classes, now you can learn excellent English speaking in Delhi South Extension, laxmi Nagar, Mukharji nagar, Canad Place , Badarpur at reasonable fee. We offer English speaking courses in Delhi, and make our students speak fluent and grammatically correct language. After taking our Spoken English classes you can speak English flawlessly with proper understanding of the words and sentence. During our course duration we work upon the following aspects.

Address:MCM English ClassesH11, 2nd Floor, South Extension-1New Delhi- 110049Admission Helpline: 09999380958Website:

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

We offer best English learning course in low cost. Many of our students studied English in public school where teachers don't always teach pupils how to speak English. In initial stage, the emphasis is often on grammar instead of spoken English. MCM English provides you environment of the best way to improve your spoken English is to have casual conversations as often as possible on everyday topics. Here are a few ways to do that: We provide you group of well English speaker and a session of group discussion, Make friends in our learning community. Come into our live conversation classes. Find a place to meet native English speakers online, or in your city. MCM EnglishClasses is best spoken English in Delhi. We have spoken English branches in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Chennai. We MCM Group India is biggest Educational Organization for Competitive Classes.
Especially we provide international level faculty for English learner. If there are foreigners visiting your city, they would welcome the chance to meet someone local to learn more about your culture. So pluck up your courage and find ways to practice your spoken English today. Join Best Spoken English Coaching in Delhi for learning English Language in Easy Way with low cost.
We gives our English learning students the following tips helps a students to learn spoken English, if you are also hesitated to speak English then you should go through these tips and improve your spoken English and overcome your hesitation in the language. Hope they are useful for you.
1.            Don’t worry about making mistakes because you will make mistakes as a learner.
2.            Be patient. This isn’t a one day process.
3.            Learn certain phrases that can be used in multiple situations.
4.            Learn how to greet someone properly.
5.            Talk slowly and carefully. Don’t rush through your sentences.
6.            Restrict yourself to simple sentences until you gain confidence.
7.            Watch out for your pronunciation. Many online tools will tell you how to pronounce a word correctly. Check one of them out when you’re in doubt.
8.            Carefully observe how proficient speakers of the language pronounce words and frame their sentences.
9.            Ask your friends, relatives and anyone you can to point out your mistakes and correct them.
10.          Speak to them in English only. Practice is a must.
11.          Record yourself reading one article aloud every day. Focus on pronunciation, speed, clarity and emphasis.
12.          Many online sites offer you the opportunity to voice chat with another user. This is an effective way to practice.
13.          Learn at least one new word every day and use it as a part of your conversation with people. By the end of the week, you should know seven words really well.
14.          Learn new words everyday
15.          Read at least one article of your choice aloud every day.
16.          Watch English movies with subtitles.
17.          Watch English shows.
18.          Read books and magazines.
19.          Keep a pocket dictionary handy for any word you may need to know the meaning of.
20.          When you hear a new word, try to find its usage and its antonyms.

MCM Group India
MCM Spoken English Classes
Delhi Best English Coaching
H11, 2nd Floor, South Extension-1

New Delhi- 110049

Thursday, 15 January 2015

English Spoken Coaching Classes in Delhi, As Never before
MCM Competitive Classes for spoken English as never before such a top faculty for English in Delhi. International Level teachers and trainers are here for English language. If you are hesitate to speak English then join MCM Competitive Classes to be a fluent English speaker.

It is best coaching for speaking English in Delhi located in in south extension Delhi. We provide Persona Enhancement, Personality Development, Call Center Training Classes, foreign language.
We welcome you all to join our English Speaking Training programs. MCM Competitive Classes is determined to give you a great and a different learning experience with ensured results. Whether you wish to start learning  English as a beginner or you are a student, Executive, House wife, we have the right English speaking course for you, making you speak fluent English with neutral accent guaranteed!
The approach is creative, communicative and engaging. MCM Competitive classes are fun and effective and our lessons are found to be rewarding and motivating. Learn to communicate with fluency during routine tasks, converse with confidence on any given topic, describe experiences, discuss opinions and plans and differentiate the finer shades of meaning. Improve your language and strengthen your ability to articulate.
Our best English language training classes in Delhi, India are targeted towards improving fluency at all levels from the beginner levels to the more advanced levels. These programs are designed to help students and working people use English fluently in their day-to-day affairs. For example MCM Competitive Classes students feel more comfortable and confident while:
§  Communicating during routine tasks,
§  Describing experiences, discussing opinions and plans,
§  Interacting fluently on various topics,
§  Using the language effectively for social, academic and professional purposes,
§  Differentiating the finer shades of meaning.

MCM English Speaking Course is the only speaking course of its kind whose features can be described in superlative degree only. The most important part of this course is confidence building measures because it has been found from the long experience that biggest problem in the path of fluently speaking a foreign language is hesitation that arises out of lack of confidence.  To Join Top English Coaching in Delhi Call +91 9999 38 0958 or visit our website Our Corporate Office Address is: H11, 2nd Floor, South Extension-1, and New Delhi-110049.

Thursday, 8 January 2015


Our classes In Delhi:

Soft Skills, Personality Development Training center in Delhi | Call Center, Spoken English Best teacher in Delhi, spoken English classes online | spoken English lessons, English classes, spoken English class in Delhi, personality development classes in Delhi

About Classes and Training:

It’s great opportunity for the students of Delhi and all over India to get classes for call center training, soft skills and personality development classes and Spoken English training.  In all call centers and BPO companies employees interact with the clients on a daily basis. The quality of work is not the only thing that counts but also the manner in which you interact with the client becomes important. Soft skills are not part of the regular education curriculum; hence getting trained in it becomes important. BPO jobs requirements for domestic and international call centers have flooded the employment sector. These jobs require excellent English speaking skills, and not everyone has good command over the language. Well, to overcome this hurdle, we have introduced call Centre training programs for all. We provide call Centre training in Delhi, and helps students who are either technical or non-technical, retired personnel and housewives are competent to take up this back office job. 

Our call center training course has been framed considering the education background and industry requirement. ABE is an excellent call center training institute in Delhi addressing the key concerns such as confident speaking, communication skills, mother tongue influence within 
spoken Englishvoice modulation and intonation, etc.

We improvise candidates through:
·         Voice & accent class in Delhi
·         Deal with low confidence
  • Soft Skills class in Delhi
  • Clubbed sound
  • Presentation skills development class in Delhi
 Call Center training program – key elements
  • Candidate need assessment and action plan
  • English usage – practice
  • Neutralizing mother tongue influence
  • Confident speaking
  • Listening and comprehension skills – development
  • Voice assessment and leveraging
  • Understanding voice intonation and modulation
  • Business communication
MCM Competitive Classes for Spoken English, Personality Development, Persona Enhancement, Call Center Training and Voice accent in Delhi. We invite all students from different institutions of English coaching in Delhi at every weekend for Seminar and workshop on any related topic. Our campus is in south Extension-1 New Delhi.
Visit Our Website: Admission Helpline: +91 9999 38 0958